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Dr. Neil Gottehrer is a brilliant and creative giant of a dentist. But his Greatest accomplishment is something that is so glaringly missing in medicine these days, a genuine sense of caring for the well being of all his patients.

Larry Kane
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of the recent book on the Beatles, "Ticket to Ride". He has recently finished a new book about John Lennon, "Lennon Revealed".

Dear Dr. Gottehrer,

I want to thank you for the fine dental work you recently provided me and to let you know what a true God-send you are to me. I have been suffering from periodontal problems for the past 20 years, utilizing the services, often painful, of many dentists who were unable to resolve my problems, leaving me fearful and jaded. I considered losing my teeth rather than face more pain. You understood my fears and presented me with a plan of action. Your experience and confidence gave me a comfort level I never had with other dental professionals.

Even though I dreaded the treatment, I spent 3+ hours in your chair and did not freak out. This still blows my mind! If this weren't enough, you called me later that evening to see if I was okay (unheard of). I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. I'm sporting my new teeth like a badge of bravery and feeling really good about myself.

I can't thank you enough for your services. You are a true dental artisan!

Gwen Ragsdale

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